KEY VOTE ALERT: Oppose Herrero Walle Amendment pg 148 & 335

March 31, 2015

OPPOSE Herrero Walle Amendments pg 148 & 335

CONTACT: Peggy Venable, (512) 423-2947

This amendment is anti-parent and anti-student.  This vote will be on our scorecard!

Americans for Prosperity-Texas will key vote Appropriations Amendments on page 148 & 335, the amendments to deny the opportunity for legislators to discuss and debate school choice.

Texas is behind 23 other states and the District of Columbia in providing parents with school choice opportunities.  Choice exists in Texas, but only for parents with the financial means to pay private school tuition, homeschool, or move to a more desirable school district.

Polls have consistently shown that the majority of Texans support school choice, and other states have exhibited bi-partisan support for empowering parents to select the schools, which best serve their children.

Studies have shown that public schools benefit when parents have choice.  Texas has more than 5 million K-12 students and that number grows each year.  Our schools are $111,461,611,010 in ISD debt; yes, that’s over $111 BILLION!  Much of that is facilities debt. School choice could help ease overcrowding and the growth in local government debt.

We have many outstanding teachers and schools in the Lone Star State; however, we also have over 800 failing schools and while we work to improve those schools, parents deserve options.

Even the best school may not be the right school for all students. Some children face safety or bullying issues and parents need the ability to select the best learning environment for their children.

Choice exists for Lone Star Card recipients to choose where they purchase groceries and for housing voucher recipients to choose where they live. Public money funds college tuition for veterans.  There is no rationale for opposing tax dollars following the child to the school the parents believe will best educate their children.

If you believe public schools in your district are providing a quality public education, you should have confidence that there would not be a mass exodus from your district schools.

AFP-Texas will key vote this and any amendment that denies opportunities to empower parents to choose their child’s school and we will weigh any amendment to end the debate as a significant vote this legislative session.

For more information, contact Policy Director Peggy Venable at 512-423-2947.

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