KEY VOTE: AFP-Texas Supports HB 32 & HB 31

April 28, 2015

Americans for Prosperity-Texas thanks Chairman Bonnen and other legislative leaders who have helped bring these proposals to the floor. AFP-Texas supports HB 32 and 31 – legislation providing substantial tax cuts for Texans.

  • HB 32 would cut the rate of the Franchise Tax by 25%. 
  • HB 31 reduces the sales tax from the current 6.25% to 5.95%.

While our top priority is elimination of the Franchise Tax, we support tax cuts in general. However, we believe the funds available for tax cuts would have more economic impact on the state should the Legislature focus all tax relief on the Franchise Tax.     

We have spent this Legislative Session meeting with lawmakers to share our priorities. We have also been block-walking and making calls in communities across Texas. We have found widespread support for elimination of the Franchise Tax. Texans agree that it is important to continue taking steps to keep our state the best for job growth and economic prosperity.

The Lone Star State has been a beacon for job creation and capital investment. And while our performance has been good, we are competing with other states. Some states including Michigan, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Indiana have repealed their franchise tax. Others are moving to do so. 

We encourage the Texas House to vote in favor of HB 32 and HB 31 and will include these bills in our AFP-Texas Legislators’ Report Card to Texans.

AFP-Texas Has Issued a Key Vote Update on HB 32

AFP-Texas supports HB 32 and advocates for adoption of the two Chairman Bonnen Amendments #841058 and #841060 and the Chairman Parker Amendment  #841005.  These amendments will strengthen HB 32 and help achieve our goal of ultimately repealing the Franchise Tax.


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