How did your legislator vote on the Texas budget?

May 31, 2013

UPDATE: Representative Turner and Representative Simpson Statements of Vote

It appears the gavel fell before everyone could vote…
Rep. Scott Turner can run 40 yards in 4.18 seconds, yet he could not make to his seat fast enough to vote Nay against the budget along with me. We were both at the back microphone seeking to oppose the budget when the vote was called for and gaveled so quickly. Both of us recorded our votes in the journal. You can see them on page 5127 of May 26. Here is my statement along with two others about the SB1 vote:
I was shown voting yes on Record No. 1336. I am in favor of SB 1, but since it has an increase in funding for state judges, which may affect my retirement pension, I intended to vote present, not voting. – Lewis
When Record No. 1336 was taken, I was at the back microphone. The speaker gaveled so quickly, I was unable to vote. I would have voted no. – Simpson
When Record No. 1336 was taken, I was at the back microphone and was not able to make it back to my desk to record my vote. I would have voted no. – E. S. Turner


ORIGINAL POST: How did your legislator vote on the Texas Budget

The recently-ended legislative session passed a budget which appropriated $22 billion more in general revenue and rainy day/economic stabilization fund money than two years ago.  The increase was 26%.

AFP-Texas signed a coalition letter urging the Governor to veto the budget (

The budget contains too much spending and too little in tax relief.

Texas is the top state for job creation, we have 5 of the 10 fastest-growing cities in the country right here in Texas, and more businesses are moving to Texas than to any other state.  We are the top state for a reason – we have enacted conservative fiscal policies, which allow the private sector to grow and jobs to be created.

We at AFP-Texas want to recognize and to thank those legislators who were willing to hold the line on spending – those 29 legislators who voted not to approve the budget.

They are:

Representative Greg Bonnen                         R                     District 24

Representative Giovanni Capriglione             R                     District 98

Representative Stefani Carter                        R                     District 102

Representative Brandon Creighton                R                     District 16

Representative Pat Fallon                               R                     District 106

Representative Allen Fletcher                          R                     District 130

Representative James Frank                           R                     District 69

Representative Craig Goldman                       R                     District 97

Representative Abel Herrero                          R                     District 34

Representative Harvey Hilderbran                 R                     District 53

Representative Bryan Hughes                        R                     District 5

Representative Jason Isaac                           R                     District 45

Representative Phil King                                R                     District 61

Representative Stephanie Klick                     R                     District 91

Representative Lois Kolkhorst                       R                     District 13

Representative Matt Krause                          R                     District 93

Representative Jodie Laubenberg                 R                     District 89

Representative Jeff Leach                             R                     District 67

Representative Scott Sanford                        R                     District 70

Representative Matt Schaefer                         R                     District 6

Representative Ron Simmons                         R                     District 65

Representative John Smithee                          R                     District 86

Representative Drew Springer                        R                     District 68

Representative Jonathan Stickland                 R                     District 92

Representative Van Taylor                             R                     District 66

Representative Ed Thompson                        R                     District 29

Representative Steve Toth                             R                     District 15

Representative Paul Workman                       R                     District 47

Representative Bill Zedler                              R                     District 96

Please take action to thank your legislator for voting to hold the line on spending in Texas.  Texas didn’t become Number One by growing government but by restraining the growth of government.  Click here to take action!

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