Help Congress Break the Spending Habit

December 05, 2012

Federal spending has increased by $1 trillion in just five short years.

And in January 2013 — just next month– we fade the prospects of $495 billion in tax increases.

We must not raise taxes.

The lame duck session is a chance for Congress to finally cut spending. You can urge your Congressman to live up to the promises made in the Budget Control Act of 2011, where they agreed to reduce spending in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.

With the national debt exceeding $16 trillion, taxpayers simply can’t afford Washington’s runaway spending any longer. There is no question that it’s time for real spending reductions. Congress must cut spending by at least $109 billion in this fiscal year.

You can send that message to your Congressional member now – just click here to read more about the Lame Duck Session and to take action now:

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