Four School Districts Seek CSCOPE Waivers, No State Accountability

June 27, 2013

Something is rotten in Hutto ISD- along with Madisonville ISD, Port Aransas ISD, and Rice CISD. These four school districts are actually seeking waivers that would allow them to continue to the use of the controversial CSCOPE curriculum; curriculum that was to be officially pulled from all 875 schools after August 31, 2013.

According to Douglas Killian, the Hutto ISD Superintendent, replacing CSCOPE would be an issue of affordability. “Replacing this curriculum will far exceed the funds we have available,” he says. We can only assume that Mr. Killian means that his staff is too incompetent to come up with their own lesson plans or he refuses to shop around for another lesson plan vendor- we’re not sure which.

In his waiver request for Hutto, Killian lists reasons why Patrick’s first suggestion isn’t workable—like access to another district’s online system, and new training his teachers would need. A growing district like Hutto, quickly turning more suburban than rural, can’t afford a commercial package of lessons either, he writes. “CSCOPE offered a quality curriculum for less than the cost of a teacher. Replacing this curriculum will far exceed the funds we have available.”

That’s odd, Mr. Killian. Hutto ISD can afford to rent CSCOPE each year on a per student basis, but everything else is seemingly out of your price range? We beg to differ.

Stay tuned for our next Rotten Apple award- we have a feeling that you might be hearing about these school again very soon.

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