Election returns had one message: Voters want to limit spending and more school choice

June 01, 2012

Election returns had one message: overwhelming number of voters want to limit spending and want more school choice in Texas.

Texas primary elections are behind us and some interesting run-offs will dominate the Texas media for the next two months leading to the July 31 run-off elections.

Never mind that Texas gave Mitt Romney the delegates he needed to secure the Republican nomination, that didn’t get much attention nor was it a surprise.

The real news of the evening was not just in the political races, but in the ballot initiatives which reveal just what those 1.4 million Republicans and under .6 Democrats who voted want officials to do once elected. Republicans wanted limited government spending, school choice and to repeal ObamaCare while Democrats voted to spend more on education and legalize gambling to do it.

While Republicans Lt Gov. David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz battle it out for the Republican US Senate nomination and Democrats Paul Sadler and Grady Yarborough are in a run-off for the Democratic nomination to run for US Senate, Texas has two Railroad Commission, one Supreme Court race and three State Board of election races in runoffs. Seven Congressional races are in runoffs and 16 House races.

One state senate race will pit incumbent Jeff Wentworth against tea party challenger Donna Campbell while 16 new Texas House members are elected.

Three incumbent legislative chairmen lost re-election bids (Rob Eissler as House Public Education, “Tuffy” Hamilton as Licensing & Administrative Procedures & Vicki Truitt as Pensions, Investiments & Financial Services), 8 Republicans and 2 Democrats emerged with their party nominations. Four incumbents and 8 open races are those headed into a run-offs.

While these races are important to our state, key issues on the primary ballots go largely unreported. These are the polls that count – what the party faithful support most.

On the Republican ballot, it is clear that by a large majority, the party loyalists want three key AFP issues — to limit government spending to the increase in population and inflation, support school choice and to repeal ObamaCare:

· Prop 1: Allows parents the freedom to choose their child’s school – favor with 85% of the vote;
· Prop 2: Repeal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – 93% favor;
· Prop 3: Prohibited from restricting public prayer – 93% favor;
· Prop 4: Limiting any increase in government spending – 94% favor;
· Prop 5: Redraw Congress and State legislative districts in session – 76% favor

On the Democrat ballot, it appears those voters are eager to spend more state dollars — and legalize gambling — for education:

· Prop 1: In state high school graduate eligible for tuition/legal status – 85% favor;
· Prop 2: Legislature fund colleges with affordable tuition and fees – 93% favor;
· Prop 3: Vote to legalize casino gambling with all funds for education – 74% favor

Election results can be found here:
Click here for Democratic Results. 
Click here for Republican Results.

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