Education hearing today to address education reform in Texas

August 24, 2012

Today, August 24, Senator Dan Patrick will chair a hearing on two of the interim charges issued by Lt Gov. David Dewhurst given to the Senate Education Committee..  The Committee will hear invited and public testimony.

Charter schools will be discussed as one charge was to study the performance and accountability of charter schools, best practices of high-performing charter schools, and barriers to replication. The Committee was given the task to review policies and practices for authorizing high-quality charters and closing poor-performing charters. Study the benefits of and costs related to increasing the number of charters, as well as establishing additional authorization boards to grant new charters.

One of the most important charges was to study the impact of school choice programs in other states on students, parents, and teachers and to explore the use of education tax credits and taxpayer savings grants, and examine potential impacts on state funding.

Americans for Prosperity supports education reform which empowers parents to direct their children’s education and gives them more control.

We appreciate the interim charge and this committee for holding this hearing.

We have approximately 5 million children in Texas K-12 schools and in 2011 spent almost $56 billion total funds on education and according to TEA, only less than 25 billion is spent on instruction.

We could talk dollars and cents but we would lose the sense of what this is all about…this is about the kids, not the education bureaucracy or the facilities.

We are in need of dramatic education reform in Texas and across the country.  Some states are ahead of us in addressing these reforms.

Today, we will outline those reforms and post our testimony later this afternoon.  Stay tuned…


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