Edu-Crat Bureaucracy Opposes School Choice

February 25, 2013

Americans for Prosperity-Texas participated in a press conference held at the State Capitol prior to a “Save Our School” bureaucrats march and rally.  The public school monopoly event included all their friends – the International Socialist Organization, American GI Forum, Teach the Vote.Org —  marching alongside high school bands.  Their message included opposition to charter schools and refusal to allow idle public school facilities to be used by charter schools.  The overriding message was to demand more money for schools (we address that issue in our statement).

Texas Public Policy Foundation, Alliance for School Choice and Empower Texans, and the Waco Tea Party were among the organizations with AFP-Texas advocating to provide choices for parents and opportunity for kids.

AFP Foundation -Texas also released a video of parents and families expressing their support for school choice.

Our press conference statement is below:

Statement by Peggy Venable, Texas Director
Save Our Students press conference, Texas Capitol

February 23, 2013

Imagine your child is in a failing school.  You don’t have the resources to homeschool or to send your child to a private school.  There are no openings in charter schools in your area.  You do not have the ability to move to another school district.

Your zip code has determined your child’s fate.  Is that acceptable?  No.

In Texas we have over 300,000 students who are stuck in around 500 failing schools.  Is that acceptable?  No.

Texas schools spend only half their funding on instruction.  Is that acceptable?  No.

Our schools have one non-teacher for every teacher on staff.  Is that acceptable?  No.

In 2010-11, Texas school districts had over $8.2 billion in their reserve funds and continued to demand more funding.  Is that acceptable?  No.

Over a 10-year period, we funded our schools at the rate of five times the student enrollment growth, but saw no improved student performance. Is that acceptable?  No.

We are all here today to say that the current system is simply unacceptable.

We at Americans for Prosperity-Texas created the RedAppleProject to inform citizens about their public schools.

We support parents having the right to choose their children’s school.  We support the education dollars following the child to the school where the parents believe the child has the greatest opportunity to succeed – public or private.

It’s time we put kids first.  The system is not working for the most vulnerable students.  It’s time to let parents choose their kids’ schools.

We have one simple question: Is it acceptable for the government school monopoly to hold kids hostage?  We believe the answer is simple.  No.

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