Don’t let “The Lobby” Kill School Choice & Education Reform in Texas

April 11, 2013

UPDATE: Charter School Bill Passes Senate

Sen. Dan Patrick was successful in passing a charter school bill which will provide for more charter schools in Texas, and provides an avenue for charter schools to purchase unused public school facilities.  These are good for Texas students.  Today, Texas charter schools are limited to 215 (except for existing charters opening new campuses, for universities and a few exceptions to the current cap).  The legislation allows the number of charter schools to increase starting in September 2014 to 225 and to go to as many as 330 charter schools by 2020.  Congratulations and thank you, Sen. Patrick and Texas Senators.  Charter schools are a form of school choice and we currently have a wait list of 101,000 students eager to get into charter schools.


The Texas House may have voted to attempt to cut off all consideration of school choice (leaving 315,000 kids trapped in over 500 Texas failing schools) but the movement for parental choice in education continues in the Texas Senate.  We commend the Senate for their working to address education concerns in Texas – we particularly appreciate the tireless work of Senate Education Chairman Dan Patrick.  Now, we need the citizens of Texas to make reforms a reality.  Don’t allow the education bureaucrat lobby defeat education reform in Texas.  We must continue to remind the legislators this is about. Click here to contact your legislator today!

School choice program for certain students with disabilities (SB 115 by Sen. Williams) was passed out of the Senate Education Committee on 4-11-13.  AFP Foundation – Texas has a video depicting us how important this bill is to Texas parents and kids with disabilities.

Legislation establishing the Texas Equal Opportunity Scholarship Program which provides a tax credit for businesses to fund scholarships (SB 23 by Sens Patrick and Paxton) was passed out of the Senate Education Committee on 4-11-13.

And a bill similar to SB 23 was heard in the House Ways and Means Committee this week  (HB 3245 by Rep. Callegari).  Thanks, W&M Chairman Harvey Hilderbran!

Stay tuned – other important bills are also moving through the process, thanks largely to your help!

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