April 30, 2013

Civic education is indispensable because no nation can expect to be, in Jefferson’s words, “both ignorant and free.”  The citizenry’s capacity for self-government is not a gift; it must relearned to be re-earned by every generation, which requires serious study of the moral, political, and philosophic foundations of our democratic republic.

CSCOPE legislation (SB 1406) is being heard in the House Public Education Committee today.  The Senate version of the bill will be carried by House sponsor Rep. Steve Toth, a long-time CSCOPE critic.  Peggy Venable will be testifying on behalf of AFP-Texas.

Some of those who are lining up to testify will have some new information to share with legislators on how Regional Education Service Center representatives are thumbing their nose at the legislative process, figuratively speaking.

Stay tuned for more and we will share with you the new controversy surrounding the most controversial topic in the Lone Star State today.

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