Controversial emails from the Texas Speakers staff have been made public

November 05, 2012

Red State posted a blog Sunday afternoon which includes some emails from the Texas Speaker’s staff on redistricting.

The tenor of the emails are of concern to us at Americans for Prosperity who want and expect more professionalism from legislative leaders’ staff.  Moreover, the emails demean the tea party activists, one of our own Activists of the Year, Jason Moore, and conservative legislators.

The blog post which brought public attention to the emails – Private Emails from Texas Speakers Joe Straus’s Office Reveal a War Against Conservatives– is by Red State editor Eric Erickson.  Eric has been a regular speaker and pundit at AFP national summits and numerous other conservative gatherings across the country.  He is a credible, solid, movement conservative.

The emails belittle tea party activists and conservatives and are both unprofessional and reveal the sheer stupidity of the authors.  Did they not know that emails would be subject to open records?

The public reveal of these emails coincides with a time when Texas House members will likely be asked to commit to a Speaker candidate.

While we have not heard Speaker Joe Straus publicly distance himself from the emails, he did reassign or remove some staff from his official Speaker’s office who engaged in the email chain.

What remains to be addressed now is not personal or even political.  For us at Americans for Prosperity-Texas, and for voters, it is policy-focused.

Will the current Speaker allow the conservative agenda – one supported by the majority of Texans – to move forward?

We recommend that citizens contact their Texas House members and remind them why they were elected.

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