Congressional vote breaks recent promise to cut spending now

December 13, 2013

Americans for Prosperity – Texas director Peggy Venable statement on the budget compromise vote last night in Congress:

We applaud Congressional members who voted against the budget compromise offered by Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Paul Ryan. We were disappointed with Congressional members who voted for it and in doing so, supporting higher spending and increasing taxes.

Eleven of Texas’ Congressmen continue to be a leaders on fiscal responsibility.  Their willingness to buck the leadership reflects that they understand Washington has a spending problem.  They voted to keep the commitments made in the Budget Control Act of 2011 while Congressmen voting for the compromise have enabled Washington to break another promise to the American people to cut spending. Promising cuts 10 years from now as the “compromise” does I s laughable and disingenuous when Congress broke their promise of just 2 years ago to reduce spending now.  Why would we have any confidence that they would fulfill this new promise?

The Budget Control Act of 2011 is law passed by Congress and signed by the President.   Instead of doing the right thing, Congress appears to have done what they thought was politically expedient at the time.

We are tired of empty promises to cut spending and of Congress kicking the can down the road, always promising to do the right thing in the future.  Last nights’ vote is yet another example of why the American public is cynical about Congress.

Here is hoe the Texas Congressional delegation voted:

24 Ayes (voted to break the promises made in the Budget Control Act of 2011):

  1. Brady, Kevin CD 8
  2. Green, Al CD 9
  3. Green, Gene CD 29
  4. Hensarling, Jeb CD 5
  5. Hinojosa, Ruben CD 15
  6. Jackson Lee, Sheila CD 18
  7. Carter, John CD 31
  8. Conaway, Michael CD 11
  9. Cuellar, Henry CD 28
  10. Culberson, John CD 7
  11. Doggett, Lloyd CD 35
  12. Johnson, E.B. CD 30
  13. McCaul, Michael CD 10
  14. Sessions, Pete CD 32
  15. Smith, Lamar CD 21
  16. Thornberry, Mac CD 13
  17. Farenthold, Blake CD 27
  18. Flores, Bill CD 17
  19. Gallego, Pete CD 23
  20. Granger, Kay CD 12
  21. O’Rourke, Beto CD 16
  22. Veasey, Marc CD 33
  23. Vela, Filemon CD 34
  24. Williams, Roger CD 25


11 Noes (voting to keep the promises made in the Budget Control Act of 2011):

  1. Barton, Joe CD 6
  2. Burgess, Michael CD 26
  3. Hall, Ralph CD 4
  4. Johnson, Sam CD 3
  5. Olson, Pete CD 22
  6. Poe, Ted CD 2
  7. Gohmert, Louie   CD 1
  8. Marchant, Kenny CD 24
  9. Neugebaur, Randy CD 19
  10. Stockman, Steve CD 36
  11. Weber, Randy CD 14

1 Present not Voting:

  1. Castro, Joaquin

Full Vote Break Down:

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