AISD Adds 6-figure Salaries Despite “Budget Cuts”

January 22, 2013

Now we have heard it all.

While school districts across the state scream and holler about spending cuts in education, and they sue the state claiming the funding is not adequate, we see more examples of how those education dollars are spent.

And we aren’t happy about it.

The Austin American-Statesman today reports that the number of six-figure salary earners in the Austin school district has jumped 63 percent in the past five years, at a time when the district has had to tighten its belt and cut jobs.  (Good job reporting, Melissa Taboada!)

She writes: the salaries for the 12-member cabinet, excluding the superintendent, range from $115,360 to $204,970. Carstarphen caps the list with a base salary of $283,412.

Good job reporting how our education dollars are spent — or misspent.  It seems more and more, it’s about the bureaucrats than the teachers, more about those adults than about the kids.

It does seem absurd that as ISD’s are suing the state for more money (claiming funding is inadequate) and charging the legislature with not funding student enrollment growth, these edu-crats show us just where their spending priorities are.  And increasingly, those priorities don’t appear to be in the classroom.

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