Anything But Efficient!

November 05, 2012

The Texas State Constitution calls for “an efficient system of public free schools.”

But according to the Texas Education Agency, our schools have one non-teacher for each teacher on staff and we spend only 50 cents out of each education dollar on instruction!  Our schools are certainly not efficient!

If this situation of wasting our taxpayer dollars wasn’t bad enough, a months-long, billion-dollar financial shakedown cloaked as school finance is now underway.  The early portion of the trial focuses on funding adequacy.

Fortunately, some taxpayers have entered the school finance lawsuit and will challenge how efficiently Texas schools spend our money.

Again, Texas school districts are using tax dollars to sue the state for more tax dollars, which they have been using inefficiently.

A recent study showed that while the student enrollment grew 37% in 18 years, teacher numbers grew 50% and  non-teaching staff in Texas schools grew a shocking 171%!!!

 And the Texas Comptroller recently released a school district debt report that revealed that school district debt per student is over $13,000 –and when debt service is added, over $20,000 per student! 

The Texas public education doesn’t need another blank check from taxpayers, what it needs is a reality check.

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