Americans for Prosperity Foundation Releases First of Five School Choice Videos

February 28, 2013

Parents Speak Truth to Power: It’s Time for Options, not Marches

 AUSTIN – Today, Americans for Prosperity Foundation – Texas released the first in five videos featuring parents who want school choice for their children. Today’s video features brief interviews with a number of parents, while future videos will feature longer interviews with affected parents and other supporters of school choice. The video announcement coincides with a press conference at the State Capitol in support for school choice.

“It’s time we put kids first in Texas,” explained Peggy Venable, State Director of Americans for Prosperity Foundation. “The system is not working for the most vulnerable students.  It’s time to let parents choose their kids schools. This video highlights the real parents whose children will benefit from school choice.”

“Sadly, public school bureaucrats oppose reform, standing in the way of a better future for our state’s poorest and most vulnerable children,” Venable continued. “We have one simple question for school choice opponents: Is it acceptable for the government school monopoly to hold kids hostage?  We believe the answer is simple.  No.”

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