Almost half of Texas schools fail to meet federal standards

August 09, 2012

Almost half – 49% of Texas public and charter schools failed to meet federal standards.  Whether or not you like No Child Left Behind (we do not), it is an accountability system which holds school districts accountable.  (Texas has its own standardized testing.)  But the fact that Texas is doing worse than last year is disconcerting.  The AP article explains that the bar was raised.

A total of “4,080 total Texas schools, that fell short of them, according to preliminary figures from the Texas Education Agency.  When broken down by school district instead of individual campus, the figures are bleaker. Only 339 Texas public and charter school districts — or 27.6 percent — met the standards known as adequate yearly progress or AYP, compared to 876 districts, or 71.4 percent, that did not.”


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