AFP-TX Responds to President Obama’s Campaign Visit

July 17, 2012

Austin, TX – Americans for Prosperity – Texas State Director Peggy Venable issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s campaign visit to Austin:

“President Obama’s visit to Austin today is just another demonstration of how out of touch he is with the average American. In a time when unemployment continues to soar and families everywhere are pinching pennies just to get by, President Obama comes to our state not only to ask for our support, but to ask for our donations to his campaign.

After all, Texas is working.  We hope President Obama takes this opportunity to learn how jobs are created and how businesses thrive.  It is not because of government, but in spite of our federal government, that Texas is the top state for business, the top state for job creation, the top exporting state, the top state for government transparency, the top state for tort reform.  President Obama should be taking notes while in Texas.

Perhaps if the President put as much effort into the fixing the economy as he does trying to save his job, we might be able to keep our own jobs. His campaigning and fundraising won’t change the immediate job prospects for the 8.2% of Americans without work. The country can’t wait until after November for the President to start paying attention to our struggling and stagnant economy. We need jobs and solutions now. It’s time for President Obama to get back to work.”

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