AFP-Texas to Become Blueprint for State Chapters Nationwide

August 27, 2013

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AFP-Texas to Become Blueprint for State Chapters Nationwide

Director Venable to shift focus to nationwide policy role, new state director search ensues.

AUSTIN — Americans for Prosperity announced today that current State Director Peggy Venable will be elevated to the newly-created role of Senior States Policy Advisor, where she will share her wealth of experience to help other AFP chapters advance the message of economic freedom and liberty-driven policies in state legislatures. Venable will remain in Texas where she’ll also serve as Texas Policy Director.

In the coming weeks, the organization will search for a new state director to lead day-to-day operations ahead of the next legislative session.

AFP President Tim Phillips released the following statement in conjunction with the announcement:

“I’m pleased to announce that Peggy Venable is going to be taking on a larger role in shaping policy among our state chapters across the nation. She’ll bring to the role a tremendous amount of experience, with 9 years of effective advocacy for free-market policies in Texas. With a number of policy victories under their belt, Texas has become a national leader in virtually every area, from the tax structure to policies which allow for job-creation to civil justice reforms to a relatively common-sense regulatory environment. Her day-to-day leadership will be missed in Texas– but I look forward to our other chapters sharing her as a valuable resource in crafting policy and, ultimately, winning battles for economic freedom.”

Peggy Venable also released the following statement:

“As many states still struggle just to replace jobs lost in the recession, Texas is leading the nation in job creation, thanks in large part to the policies enacted in the Lone Star State. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share the Texas model with other states. While I will continue to lead AFP policy battles in Texas, I am eager to work with AFP state directors across the country as we focus on opportunities to promote free-market policies, education freedom, and sensible spending measures that don’t burden future generations with more debt.”


For further information or an interview, please contact  Peggy Venable at or (512) 476-5905.

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Anyone interested in applying for the State Director position may do so by clicking here:

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