AFP-Texas: Slow Down HB 4; CSHB 4

March 26, 2013

AFP-Texas: Slow Down HB 4; CSHB 4

While water is an important issue to all Texans, we at Americans for Prosperity-Texas are not supporting HB 4 and CSHB 4.

In 2011, 51.5% of the Texas voters approved a $6 billion water bonding authority but none of it has been used.  Why?

Texas water districts currently are already almost $50 billion in debt, according to the Texas Bond Review Board.

We should proceed cautiously as we address the current situation and ask why we need HB 4.

We should first streamline the process for permitting and provide more information on how current water debt is being addressed and what would be done with the additional funding guarantee which this legislation provides.

What this legislation does: C.S.H.B. 4 attempts to address these needs by creating the state water implementation fund for Texas and the state water implementation revenue fund for Texas in order to assist the Texas Water Development Board in providing low-cost financial assistance to local and regional water providers for projects currently identified in the 2012 State Water Plan.  The fund is intended to provide adequate and meaningful funding through financial assistance and other incentives in the development of new water supply strategies outlined in the state water plan, as identified and requested by regional planning groups across the state of Texas.

We believe that we should move with caution.  Simply having a surplus in the Rainy Day fund doesn’t mean we need to spend it – even on issues which are important.  We first need some questions answered.

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