AFP Texas Commends Gov. Perry’s Decision to Resist Expanding Medicaid

July 11, 2012

AUSTIN – Americans for Prosperity-Texas, the nation’s leading advocate for economic freedom with over 100,000 members in the Lone Star State today commends Gov. Rick Perry on his decision to resist expanding Medicaid in Texas. AFP Texas State Director Peggy Venable issued the following statement:

“Texas needs true health care reform, not thousands of pages of directives from Washington.   Medicaid is costly and flawed. Today, only 31% of the Texas doctors now take new Medicaid patients. Why should we put even more people in the program?

“Well-meaning reforms should protect Texans from failed programs, not push more of them on a broken system. While Medicaid is consuming the state budget, we need to focus on reforms which will enhance care, not limit it.

“The Supreme Court gave Texas an opportunity and Texas has a responsibility to promote reform.

“By standing up to the Federal Government, The Lone Star State can protect Texas residents from cost-overruns and a broken medical delivery system. No matter how well-intentioned, quality health care assistance for our poorest is impossible under this bureaucratic scheme from Washington. Citizens should urge their representatives to reject President Obama’s Medicaid expansion and encourage Texas officials to stand firm with the Governor in refusing to expand Medicaid.”

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