AFP Applauds Senators Patrick and Campbell on CSCOPE Transparency Bill

March 08, 2013

Statement by Peggy Venable, Texas Director
Americans for Prosperity
On filing of SB 1406

AFP-Texas and the Red Apple Project applaud Chrairman Dan Patrick and Sen. Donna Campbell for filing legislation to provide oversight of CSCOPE and the Regional Education Service Centers.

CSCOPE was created and sold to the public with no oversight. Regional Education Service Centers had no authority to create a nonprofit to shield the public and the media from CSCOPE meetings and financial transactions. The lesson plans should be readily available to parents and material used in the classroom should be subject to review.

Americans for Prosperity and our activists have been involved in the textbook review process and agree that CSCOPE should undergo the same rigorous review that we provide our children’s textbooks. Our kids deserve nothing less.

This bill would be the public back in public education.

Please see Senator Patrick’s Press Statement below:

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