Achievement School District = Best Hope for Texas Kids in Failing Schools

May 20, 2013

Achievement School District = Best Hope for Texas Kids in Failing Schools

The Achievement School District education reform initiative, on the House calendar Tuesday, May 14.  SB 1718 by Sen. Royce West, is designed to help the over 660 school campuses in Texas which are low performing.

Over 315,000 students attend those schools.

SB 1718 creates the “Achievement School District” (ASD) with a statewide Superintendent responsible for improving the state’s lowest performing campuses.

After 2 years of academically unacceptable performance, the Commissioner of Education may determine that the campus is not making significant academic progress, and the campus could be put under the ASD.

Once the academic performance is improved, operation of the campus is returned to the original school district.

Best Practices Support:

  • The ASD approach removes a failed school to the jurisdiction of a state-appointed superintendent with the expertise and authority necessary to take the bold actions needed to turn around the school.
  • Other states, such as Tennessee and Louisiana, have created a special purpose district to oversee their lowest performing schools and turn those campuses into successful schools.
  • In Louisiana’s Recovery School District, the percentage of students who scored basic or above has increased to 82% (a 16 point increase) and the annual high school dropout rate has decreased substantially, from 11.4% to 4.1% since 2007.

This legislation will help kids in low-performing schools.  We at Americans for Prosperity-Texas support SB 1718 and urge you to vote for this legislation.

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