Thanks to our many American Heroes

November 28, 2011

“God grants liberty only to those that love it and are always ready to guard it and defend it.” – Daniel Webster

It is humbling to know the tremendous sacrifices those in uniform make for our country and for all of us. We do not need to wear a uniform to defend freedom, but we must work even harder to defend freedom at home knowing the work our soldiers are all doing in dangerous places around the world.

[img_assist|nid=25638|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=224|height=300]We are especially proud of former State Rep. Carl Isett (R-Lubbock), who serves as a Navy Commander in Afghanistan. Isett is a patriot and a staunch conservative – in fact, he recently shared with us some crazy uses of tax dollars during war:

• When the temperature was in the 130’s, we import all of our ice from Jordan. (Think through the expense of trucking refrigerated trucks by the hundreds to supply ice to the entire theater.)

• I drive a late model Lexus SUV. Yep, it’s nicer than what I drive at home. Why there is such a nice vehicle for lease in the nastiest place on earth I have no idea. It’s black…..or at least it’s black under the layer of white dust. Forget the entire notion of a patina and I’m always dusting the wood off!

• Import sand for a sand volleyball pit.

•Next to the sand volleyball pit is a hockey rink.

This part of a recent email from Isett particularly catches our focus:

“I met a kid from upstate New York who is an Army Ranger Scout (‘the guys who kick down doors’ …his words). He looked only slightly older than a 15 year old. We talked for several minutes waiting for our coffee. He was polite (of course I out ranked him by 10 pay grades!) and in his eyes you could see maturity far beyond the aspiring whiskers on his face. These young enlisted guys never cease to humble me by their devotion to duty. I sit inside the wire not taking direct fire and feel safe. These guys are out there trying to keep us safe and on convoys making sure that material gets to our troops in the remote Forward Operating Bases (FOB’s). I have purposed in my heart to never forget these guys and what they do.”

Let us never forget what these brave men and women do, either! God bless our troops and our fight to preserve our nation, both at home and abroad.

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