National Summit Brought Activist Leaders Together

November 08, 2011

The Texas watchdog leaders who attended the national Defending the American Dream Summit have given us tremendous feedback. Not only was the Summit informative, exciting, fun and action-packed…but the Occupy Wall Street/DC protesters gave activists new resolve to fight harder to take back America from these radicals.

It’s been in the news — the Occupy WS/DC protest turned ugly. Texas member Jason Moore was in the middle of the protest, as were some staff (Eliza). It is clear we are on the right side, working to expand economic freedom and individual liberties.

Here is the Daily Caller video of the protesters trying to storm the DC Convention center during our Reagan Dinner:

NOTE: the clip includes in appropriate language used by demonstrators and I do not recommend viewing it with minors.

One attendee told me today: “I am more proud than ever to be a part of AFPF and so treasure the opportunity to work with and learn from AFP Foundation.”

The Texas staff and attendees tip our 10-gallon hat to the national AFPF staff for their hard work putting the Summit together.

AFPF Executive VP and COO Tracy Henke took time to attend the Texas breakfast, meet attendees and speak. President Tim Phillips met with some activists to see how we can continue to improve.

We encourage our members and friends to plan to attend next year — as the Summits just keep getting better!

— Peggy Venable

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