Captain Watchdog Jason Moore calls education scheme “edu-tortion”

March 06, 2012

Midland ISD is considering a $158 million bond package which they plan to “sell” and need time to build support.

Midland ISD Superintendent is quoted in the local paper is saying that he will continue to put the bond initiative before the voters every year until it passes.

West Texas Watchdog Jason Moore calls that “edu-tortion”. It’s a good phrase.

Midland ISD is currently $185 million in debt ($117,150,725 in principle and $67,523,902 in interest) yet Superintendent Ryder Warren Warren was quoted as saying “he would like to call the November election in early August so the political action committee can have the necessary time to sell initiative.”

That isn’t their job to “sell” the debt. Texas taxpayers have been sold $322 billion in debt already.

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