Andrew Breitbardt Tribute

March 01, 2012

We have lost a friend and a great American.

At the latest Defending the American Dream Summit, Andrew Breitbart said that he had first thought he was a “behind the scenes” typo of guy and spoke of his transition, and traveling with AFP to help “save our country”.

Andrew Breitbart died early this morning of natural causes.

He loved American and was a tremendous supporter of AFP and of the tea party movement – he loved Americans willing to become activists to support taking back our country.

The most fitting tribute to Andrew would be for more Americans to be willing to step out of their comfort zone and to become activists. It takes courage and commitment – Andrew was not lacking in either.

Too many citizens who are worried about the direction our country is going are unwilling to step up and to speak out.

The greatest tribute to Andrew Breitbart would be for more citizens to become vocal activists, to blog, to attend meetings, to join organizations and work for issues they care about.

More citizens need to exhibit courage. We must leave our comfort zone and work to take back our country.

Thanks to the many of you who have attended AFP’s RightOnLine events, the Defending the American Dream Summits and the other activities Andrew and other movement leaders have encouraged us.

Andrew said at our last summit: “…Continue to stand up even under attacks by the main stream media which has portrayed you in the worst possible light when they have ignored these people (ACORN)….We are in the midst of an electronic civil war out there…elections have favored our side and in 2012, Americans will take back our country. Thank you for the courageous people who have stood up, thank you to AFP. Keep it coming, just keep it coming. Thank you very much.”

Here is Andrew’s latest speech at the AFP Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington, D.C., November 4 & 5, 2011:

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