Director’s communication to RRISD Board Members

February 15, 2012

As a resident of Round Rock ISD, I have a stake in the District’s decisions. The board is meeting tomorrow night to vote on school boundaries and the Superintendent is slated to discuss a new bond initiative. Here is the communications I sent to board members:

RRISD Board Members,

We will have someone at the meeting on Thursday. I hope that the kids’ best interests are first and foremost in your minds as you vote on the ISD boundary issue and each of the issues on your agenda. I will be out of town or I would be attending myself.

I am mindful of the controversy surrounding the board and want to remind you that voters are expecting you to act in the kids’, parents’ and taxpayers’ best interest. Personal politics should not enter into the important decisions you make on the board.

Please remember that RRISD is currently over $1.1 billion in debt…$1,131,100,834 to be precise. (This information comes from the Texas Bond Review Board and includes principle plus interest.) This is debt we are placing on the shoulders of today’s and tomorrow’s students.

Please remember that what you may be spending in the name of helping the kids may deny them the opportunity to achieve the American dream. We are leaving our children a legacy of debt, not the legacy I anticipate you want to leave RRISD students.

– Peggy Venable

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