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ObamaCare Premium Rates Rising: Tennesseans Paying the Price

With ObamaCare rates on the rise anyone who signed up under the “Affordable”Care Act can brace for a premium rate increase ranging from 7.5%-22% next year. The Tennessean reported: As a result, BlueCross said, consumers will experience rate increases between 6.1 and 21.7 percent, depending on the product they have bought. It’s difficult to nail [...]


AFP Opposed to Both the Boehner and Reid Plans to Increase the Debt Ceiling

July 26, 2011

The following letter was sent to all of Tennessee's Members of Congress:

Dear Member of Congress,

Runaway spending has buried the United States in debt, causing us to hit our statutory debt ceiling at $14.3 trillion. For months, lawmakers have been debating whether we should raise that debt ceiling and how to get the government’s finances in order. There is only one plan that will solve America’s debt crisis: Cut, Cap and Balance. No other plan will avoid the looming credit rating downgrade that the rating houses have indicated will occur unless we dramatically cut our deficit. The Boehner plan will not do it, and the Reid plan will not do it.

AFP-TN Applauds Sen. Corker’s ‘Line in the Sand’ on Debt Ceiling

April 19, 2011

Tennesseans ‘celebrated’ Tax Day last week by attending taxpayer rallies across the state to send a clear message: we are fed up with the spending in Washington, D.C.

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Traveling across the state I hear the same message; people are concerned for the next generation and the impact our crushing debt will have on their children’s ability to succeed.

AFP Statement on Ryan Budget: A Bold and Serious Proposal

April 06, 2011

Americans for Prosperity is Encouraged by Ryan Budget Proposal

“I applaud Congressman Ryan for introducing a bold, serious proposal to tackle the country’s fiscal crisis and put our nation on the path to prosperity," AFP President Tim Phillips said.

AFP-TN Analysis of Gov. Haslam’s Budget

March 15, 2011

Tennessee’s neighbors have already raised taxes, or are looking to do so, to balance their state’s budget; Georgia has eliminated sales tax credits for the poor, Missouri is looking to raise its sales tax, Mississippi established a new franchise tax on business and Virginia is expanding its sales tax.

Most states view their citizens as ATM’s, a never-ending source of cash for more and more government spending.

Gov. Bill Haslam presented his budget to the Legislature yesterday; it is a balanced budget with no tax increases on Tennessee’s citizens.