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“Driving to the Dream” Tennessee Bus Package

Join your fellow Tennessee freedom fighters in Dallas next month for the Defending the American Dream Summit. We have limited bus space departing from locations throughout the state – ride along with us! The Defending the American Dream Summit brings together AFP activists from all over the country and features prominent speakers and panelists. Among [...]


AFP in the Daily Caller: Occupy Wall Street dead-ends while tea party movement marches on

October 21, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement is loud but limited. Compare its beginnings with the tea party’s. A month into the tea party’s existence, hundreds of thousands of Americans in thousands of towns and cities had joined the cause. Their message was crystal clear: bring back economic prosperity by cutting government spending and taxation, rolling back intrusive regulations and expanding individual freedom. The rule of law was respected as well.

A month into the Occupy Wall Street movement, we see a few thousand radicals in a couple of dozen big-city liberal enclaves. They’re breaking the law in city after city. And their message? Well, it’s all over the radical left map: demands for debt forgiveness, anti-military diatribes and even calls for the end to free enterprise and the seizure of private property. There are calls for violence mixed with virulently anti-Semitic slurs denigrating the “Jews who run Wall Street.”

Cut Spending Now tour goes through Memphis

October 18, 2011

Americans for Prosperity's Cut Spending Now tour had two great stops in Memphis, TN and Jonesboro, AR on Saturday. What made them great? The dedicated people that showed up with friends and family because they are tired of the continued generational debt Washington is placing us in.

The fabulous restaurant Kooky Canuck was the stop in Memphis. We were thrilled that proprietor, Shawn Danko, opened his doors to us in an effort to spread a fiscally responsible message to Memphis and the surrounding areas.

While the River City brought an energizing start to the day, Jonesboro was filled with fired up activists. Many activists came out in force to the Chick-fil-A on Stadium Boulevard. They signed petitions, picked out some of the awesome Cut Spending Now t-shirts, and gathered information that will be used to educate both themselves and friends/family.

Stand With Gibson this Saturday – Oct. 8th

October 05, 2011

We want to invite you to the ‘We Stand with Gibson’ event happening in Nashville on Saturday, Oct. 8th.

[img_assist|nid=24920|title=We Stand with Gibson|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=300|height=50]
Saturday, Oct. 8th
2:00 to 4:00pm
Scoreboard Restaurant
(view map here)

This FREE event is to stand up for a great local business here in Tennessee against the overzealous actions of the Obama Administration, and in particular the extreme environmentalist ideology that is crushing our economy, costing us jobs and threatening the good name of Gibson Guitars.

AFP’s Tim Phillips Calls Out President Obama for insulting Americans

October 04, 2011

Phillips Calls Obama’s “Nanny-State Ideology” the Cause of Failure

ARLINGTON, VA – The premiere grassroots organization Americans for Prosperity responded to President Obama after he criticized the American people on a local Orlando NBC affiliate Thursday night. President Obama accused Americans of going "soft" and that they need to get back “that competitive edge…to get back on track.”

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips reacts:

"How ironic that a president who has spent his entire first term telling Americans they cannot create jobs so government has to do it for them, that they cannot handle their health care so government has to do it for them, that they cannot run their own businesses or lives so government regulation has to do it for them -- now attacks Americans for going ‘soft’ when his own nanny-state ideology has been the cause of the failure.”