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Stop the Internet Sales Tax

Americans for Prosperity is proud to join a coalition of organizations calling on Congress to oppose the Marketplace and Internet Tax Fairness Act. This legislation would grant new taxing authority to states on businesses outside of their jurisdiction and create a host of new regulatory and compliance burdens. We’ve joined with several other organizations to […]


Sens. Alexander, Corker Vote to Increase Taxes

May 08, 2013 J,

Fairness.  Politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, adapt the meaning to whatever they need it to be.  Yesterday, Tennessee Senators Alexander and Corker voted “Yea” on spreading sales tax to all internet purchases under the guise of marketplace fairness.  Here are Alexander’s and Corker’s explanations for voting to increase your taxes. The Marketplace Fairness Act, according to AFP […]

Obama Budget not up to Task

April 15, 2013 J,

Budget overdue, irrelevant, never balances Americans for Prosperity responded to the latest information released on the Obama budget. The White House has been carefully leaking information in advance of their official budget release, now already more than two months overdue. AFP President Tim Phillips had this to say: “After months of waiting, the White House […]

Stop a Massive Tax Hike on Tennessee’s Tobacco Consumers

April 10, 2013 J

Tennesseans are struggling during these tough economic times. Burdened with one of the highest state unemployment rates in the nation, families in the Volunteer State are cutting back to make ends meet. But instead of following our lead by cutting taxes and spending, the Tennessee General Assembly wants to raise taxes and markup prices. Click […]

Haslam’s Sneaky Expansion

March 27, 2013 J

This morning, Governor Haslam addressed the General Assembly to announce his decision regarding Medicaid expansion. The press is reporting, per Governor Haslam’s wishes, that Tennessee won’t take part of the optional Medicaid expansion, but a closer read of Haslam’s own press release shows this to be false. Haslam is expanding Medicaid just under another name.