Take Action: Oppose Medicaid Expansion in Tennessee

March 11, 2013

President Obama wants Tennessee to help operate his health care law by agreeing to expanding Medicaid.

The carrot being waved to state legislators is for three years the federal government will pick up the tab, after that the states will only be asked to take on a small percentage of the cost.

Unfortunately, there is a group of Tennessee legislators buying into this concept that federal money is ‘free money’.

State Rep. Craig Fitzhugh’s HB 290 and State Sen. Lowe Finney’s SB 604 would expand the Medicaid program under ObamaCare.

We are asking you to contact your members of the Tennessee Legislature and tell them you oppose Medicaid expansion for the following reasons:

1)      Federal money is not ‘free money’.  Whether spent by Washington D.C. or Nashville; the funding is not free.  It comes from our pocket books.  And every working American already took a hit with the payroll tax increase that funds President Obama’s health care law.

2)      Government should not expand entitlement programs at a time when current spending is unsustainable.  The New York Times, not exactly a hot bed of free-market reporting, estimates expanding Medicaid in this way will cost the federal government $930 billion and cost Tennessee taxpayers $1.2 billion.

3)      Relying on the federal government as a funding partner is like trusting Bernie Madoff with your retirement investment.  Eventually the scheme falls apart and you’re left with nothing.

The federal government is over $16 trillion in debt and every year we take on new record deficits.  And neither the President nor Congress has shown any willingness to lead.

Unless our fiscal house is put in order the federal government will run out of money to spend.

For Tennessee legislators to trust in the federal government as a reliable funding partner for expanding entitlement programs is, to say the least, irresponsible.

Thank you for taking the time to take action on this important issue.  Tennessee’s taxpayers should not be left footing the bill for President Obama’s reckless spending.

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