One Final Push

June 18, 2012

Today is a moment of truth.

The final vote on Mayor Dean’s 13% property tax increase is today – and we need you to take this last opportunity to make your voice heard.

Today we find out which Metro council members will stand up for hard-working taxpayers.

We will also find out which council members stand with Big Government and will increase taxes in order to increase spending.

Reports indicate there are multiple alternatives to Mayor Dean’s budget and tax increase being considered by the Metro Council.

Do not let liberal politicians fool you with a side show.

Let’s stick to our message: click here to tell the Metro Council to vote no on Mayor Dean’s tax increase and only vote for budget alternatives that CUT SPENDING and DO NOT RAISE TAXES.

It’s that simple.

The average family has seen their net worth drop by 40% while during the same time Metro government spending has increased by over 32%.

The spending has to stop.

We need your help to deliver the message.

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