Obama Budget not up to Task

April 15, 2013

Budget overdue, irrelevant, never balances

Americans for Prosperity responded to the latest information released on the Obama budget. The White House has been carefully leaking information in advance of their official budget release, now already more than two months overdue. AFP President Tim Phillips had this to say:

“After months of waiting, the White House has admitted that Obama’s budget raises taxes by $580 billion, plans to overspend by $744 billion next year, and fails to ever actually balance the budget.

“It’s disappointing that our president still refuses to address the issue of massive government overspending. The only explanation is that the Obama budget simply is not serious. Not only is it far too late to have any real impact, but a budget that never balances is just irrelevant and not up to task.”

As more details of the Obama budget are released, AFP will be providing in-depth analysis and policy breakdown.

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