CoverTN Denied Waiver by Fed

December 02, 2013

Another 15,400 Tennesseans will lose coverage as of 12/31/13. CoverTN provided basic, affordable medical coverage to the unemployed, uninsured, and small business owners/employees. This was one of the few programs that filled the gaps between Medicaid and private insurance. In addition to income limitations, personal responsibility was another key factor. Premiums fluctuated based on age, weight, and smoking. The state paid 1/3, the small business paid 1/3, and the employee paid 1/3 of the premium costs (or 2/3 if unemployed.)

The demise of CoverTN is another example of the Obamacare failures. Although many Tennesseans were happy with this state-funded coverage they will not be able to keep their plan. The federal government notified the state last week: no waivers will be granted, not even temporary ones.

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration had sought the waiver to keep the program’s 15,400 enrollees going through the first four months of the new year while the federal government works out problems with online health insurance marketplaces.

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