68% Oppose Mayor Dean’s Tax Increase

June 13, 2012


If you agree with the majority of your neighbors that Nashville metro government needs to cut spending and hold the line on taxes; then join our movement by signing our petition.
Nashvillians know the truth; that Metro government has increased spending too rapidly and taxpayers can no longer afford
Sign our petition and then listen to our new radio ad by clicking here.
We need Nashville taxpayers to know how Mayor Dean is gaming the system by raising property taxes just high enough without triggering a vote of the people.
Because the mayor knows that if his tax-and-spend plan went to a vote of the people, he would lose.
In fact, based on the poll, the mayor’s 53-cent tax increase would lose 68-21%.
Take a brief moment; sign our petition that will be sent directly to Mayor Dean and the Metro Council.
Make your voice heard. 
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