Stand With Gibson this Saturday – Oct. 8th

October 05, 2011

We want to invite you to the ‘We Stand with Gibson’ event happening in Nashville on Saturday, Oct. 8th.

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Saturday, Oct. 8th
2:00 to 4:00pm
Scoreboard Restaurant
(view map here)

This FREE event is to stand up for a great local business here in Tennessee against the overzealous actions of the Obama Administration, and in particular the extreme environmentalist ideology that is crushing our economy, costing us jobs and threatening the good name of Gibson Guitars.

This event is being organized by TN Tax Revolt, and is being supported by a host of great freedom-loving groups. This event is not being organized or sponsored by the Gibson Company.

We support Gibson Guitar.

Before a company should be raided; and significant costs incurred due to shutting down the manufacturing operations and damaging the businesses’ good name, there ought to be credible evidence and clear allegations of wrong-doing. Both were severely lacking in the Gibson case.

Why is Gibson Guitars being singled out? There are numerous manufacturers of instruments, according to the EIA, that are purportedly using illegal woods. Why then is the Obama Administration sending in marshals to raid one company? Is it because Gibson did not donate to Obama for America, the DNC or

AFP-Tennessee stands with Gibson. We are asking you to stand with us.

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