$41,000 Pay Raise for Memphis Schools Superintendent is Appalling

September 23, 2011

By signing off on a $41,250 raise for Superintendent Kriner Cash, the Memphis City Schools Board has demonstrated why taxpayers are fed up with government; and why conservatives will not sit idly by as education dollars are wasted.

For too long, liberals who advocate more-and-more tax dollars for schools have called conservatives ‘cold-hearted’ and ‘anti-child’ for wanting to limit the flow of cash in our public school system. AFP-Tennessee challenges these groups, such as TEA and other unions, to explain how any Superintendent deserves a raise of $41,250 on top of an already generous base salary of $275,000?

Our school systems spend way too much money, and not nearly enough makes its way into the classroom.

The school board argued that Superintendent Cash ‘deserved’ the raise because he had not received a bonus in the last few years.

This is what’s wrong with government.

Private sector workers in Memphis have not received raises in the past few years either; if they are lucky enough to have a job. During these difficult economic times, there is widespread unemployment and salaries are remaining stagnant. Yet, since it’s not the school board members’ money that’s being spent, fiscal responsibility and economic reality apparently do not matter.

What would merit a bonus is if Memphis City Schools saw significant increases in its graduation rate, college-readiness in its students, higher GPA’s and attendance rates. Yet, that’s not the case. Superintendent Cash is not being rewarded for a job well done, he’s simply receiving a longevity bonus.

AFP-Tennessee has been arguing for a while now that administrative cuts are necessary to bring public school spending – and taxes – under control. You can read our posting here.

The point is, in the state of Tennessee taxpayers shell out nearly $4 billion to educate our young people. $4 billion is more than enough to get the job done; what’s unfortunate is that elected officials, like the Memphis City Schools board, do not know how to responsibly spend taxpayer money.

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