Statement of Opposition to President Obama’s Tax Hike Proposal

September 20, 2011

Americans for Prosperity, a free market grassroots organizations committed to smaller government and free enterprise, today released the following statement with regard to President Obama’s plan to raise taxes to fund his repeated attempts to use government spending to create jobs.

AFP President Tim Phillips said:

“Today President Obama reissued his usual tired call for more taxes, once again pushing his mantra of tax-and-spend redistribution of wealth, a strategy that has already failed to restore economic growth in America. We only need to look to history — including the President’s first stimulus failure in 2009 — to know that government centralization of wealth is not the answer to sluggish job growth. We know that decreasing taxation and regulatory burdens on job creators and innovators is the only policy design that has ever lifted people out of poverty, spurred economic growth and created jobs. It is unfortunate that President Obama refuses to learn the lessons of either the first half of his term in office or broader history.

“Americans for Prosperity will aggressively oppose the President’s latest attempt to raise taxes, increase government spending even further and centralize more economic decision making with politicians in Washington, D.C. as we saw with the disastrous and potentially-corrupt Solyndra boondoggle.”

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