AFP-Tennessee Applauds Rep. Blackburn for Defending Gibson Guitar from Obama Administration

September 13, 2011

The Obama Administration used federal marshals to raid a Nashville company, Gibson Guitars, in August; in an effort to find woods that were illegally imported from India. Tennesseans already know this story, what should make us all furious is the duplicitous way this raid was carried out, and the hypocrisy of Obama’s actions.

AFP-Tennessee commends Rep. Marsha Blackburn for taking Gibson Guitar’s defense to the nation’s capital; hosting a press conference with Speaker Boehner to deplore the federal government’s running roughshod over Gibson Guitar’s business, and civil rights.

The raid occurred August 24th, to this date Gibson Guitars has not been charged with a crime. The purported crime – by the Environmental Investigation Agency, an environmental special interest – is importing rainforest wood from India. If true, this is not a violation of India’s laws, it is a violation of American laws intended to prevent the logging of endangered woods.

There are three primary reasons we support Rep. Blackburn’s defense of a Tennessee-based company:

First, before a company should be raided; and significant costs occurred due to shutting down the manufacturing operations and soiling the businesses’ good name, there ought to be credible evidence and clear allegations of wrong-doing. Both were severely lacking in the Gibson case.

Second, why is Gibson Guitars being singled out? There are numerous manufacturers of instruments, according to the EIA, that are purportedly using illegal woods. Why then is the Obama Administration sending in marshals to raid one company? Is it because Gibson did not donate to Obama for America, the DNC or

Take for example, the favoritism the Obama Administration has shown to individuals and businesses that contributed to his campaign. Businesses and organizations that contributed to the Presidents election campaign received waivers to ObamaCare; they do not have to file the new bureaucratic paperwork, pay the new taxes nor shoulder the added expense of the new system. Or, while the President preaches an end to government waste, and shared burden and stopping handouts, there are new government funds to support businesses – so long as they favor his ideology of renewable energy and ‘green jobs’.

Third, we are outraged by the President’s hypocrisy. During his speech to a joint session of Congress, the President decried the onerous burdens that government bureaucracy has put on businesses’ ability to grow the economy and create jobs. Unfortunately, this was merely lip service to drive up Obama’s poll numbers. This White House is politics on steroids, they will say anything to shore up support for the President; the problem is they will not do the right thing.

If Obama really wants to get government ‘off the back’ of small-business; how about start with getting the marshals out of Gibson’s warehouse?

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