Supporting a Moratorium on New Government Regulations

September 01, 2011

Government regulation – according to a government study! – is costing the American economy over $1.7 trillion (trillion with a t) in lost productivity and added expenses.

The Small Business Administration’s report (which you can read here) estimates that regulation costs to the typical American family are 50% greater than health care costs. The over $15,000 in regulatory costs appear in the form of lost wages, higher taxes, higher unemployment, higher costs for goods and services and lower productivity.

Our economy can no longer absorb these burgeoning regulatory costs that force families and small businesses to invest more time, money and energy in paperwork and the bureaucratic process, instead of investing in children’s education, paying off the mortgage, or expanding the business.

We must change the culture of government!

Government has become too bulky, and too skeptical of the free market (i.e. that you and I can make better choices than bureaucrats in D.C. or Nashville).

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker has come out swinging against Big Government, and has called for a moratorium on new government regulations. We applaud these efforts.

Speaking in Knoxville, Sen. Corker singled out the EPA as a source of unremitting new regulations that are difficult to interpret, costly to implement and instill fear in the economy because farmers and business owners seldom know what’s coming next. The economy will not grow when the engine of job creation – small business – is constantly blindsided by new government mandates.

AFP-Tennessee supports Sen. Corker’s call for a moratorium on new regulation. To make this issue a top priority when Congress reconvenes this month, please contact Sen. Corker’s office by clicking here.

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