Another Union Power Grab

August 16, 2011

Obama’s union boss buddies poured hundreds of millions into getting him and his Democratic allies elected in 2008, but they were unable to pass their signature legislation stripping workers of private ballot rights. And in last year’s midterm election, they were wiped out.

But Obama’s union buddies at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) won’t take no for an answer.

The board is packed with radical union lawyers that Obama installed by the back door – so-called recess appointments to sidestep the Senate. Consider the words of Craig Becker, the former SEIU lawyer Obama put on the NLRB without Senate approval:

“Employers should be stripped of any legally cognizable interest in their employees’ election of representatives.”

Now Becker and his allies are proposing to gut workers rights with a proposal to force ambush elections on employers in as little as 10 days, without giving employers an opportunity to educate workers on the implications of forming a union. (This identical “ambush elections” proposal was the centerpiece of one of the last versions of the ‘card check” bill that collapsed last Congress.)

The result: workers can be forced into unions and forced to pay dues that will be funneled to support left-wing political causes.

Fortunately, the NLRB is required by law to respond to public comments, and the public comment period ends August 22.

Please click here to tell the NLRB to STOP its assault on worker rights!

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