AFP to Obama: Veto Corporate Welfare!

May 16, 2012

Following this week’s passage in the Senate, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is again calling on President Obama to back up his words with action, and veto re-authorization of the Export-Import bank.

AFP President Tim Phillips said, “As a senator, Obama was right when he called the Ex-Im bank a fund for corporate welfare. Now he has a chance to back up all the rhetoric with meaningful action. Our video is a clear challenge to President Obama, asking him to take a stand against corporate welfare and veto re-authorization.”

Americans for Prosperity has consistently opposed policies that allow the federal government to attempt to subvert the market by picking winners and losers. “Special interest giveaways come with a real cost to hardworking taxpayers and consumers. When they get special breaks, that puts more of the tax burden on the rest of Americans,” continued Phillips.

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