Stop a New Tax in Tennessee

April 02, 2012

They’re at it again.

Politicians just can’t help themselves from wanting more of your money to fund more government spending.

Help us fight against a new tax on business right here in Tennessee.

Click here to tell your state Representative and state Senator you oppose any new taxes in Tennessee.

There are two bills in the state General Assembly, SB 2663 and its companion in the House, HB 3319, that would seek to create a new tax on internet-based services.

Local governments in Tennessee already collect taxes on hotel and travel purchases made online. These bills would expand the taxes to include the service fee from online vendors who make the reservations.

Click here to tell your state legislators you oppose new internet taxes.
Simply put, these bills would tax internet-based companies like Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, and others, causing you to pay more when making online reservations.

Government is continuously finding new ways to tax us. It’s time to stand up and demand Tennessee legislators lower the tax burden, not increase it.

Take action today by clicking here.

Tennessee families visiting the Smokies this summer will pay paying more if they book their trip online under these bills. Small businesses booking hotel rooms or rental cars online will see their costs go up if we don’t stop these bills.

During difficult economic times government should be looking for ways to help families and small business succeed; not take more of their hard earned money in taxes.

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