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February 25, 2011

Help our free market allies reform collective bargaining in Tennessee. Join AFP-TN in an important conference call with key legislators for an insider’s view and how you can help!

Thursday, March 3rd at 7:00pm EASTERN/6:00pm CENTRAL simply call toll free 1-888-886-6603 and Extension 16284#

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research is partnering with us to host this call with Rep. Debra Maggart and TN School Board Association’s Lee Harrell for an important update.

Tennessee’s children do not need a powerful teachers union, they need quality teachers with the resources to get the job done.

Do not be fooled by the rhetoric coming from union leaders, the teachers unions have been the obstacle to getting the job done in our schools.

Here are a few examples of TEA (Tennessee Education Association) being the roadblock to needed education reform, putting their interests ahead of the taxpayer and children:

TEA Opposes HB 367 – HB 367 would reforming the current practice of awarding tenure after only 3 years. Tenure makes it practically impossible to remove ineffective teachers from the classroom. Three years is not a fair amount of time to award ‘tenure’. TEA is wrong to oppose HB 367.

TEA OPPOSES SB 401 – TEA opposes SB 401 because it takes power from union leaders and gives it directly to teachers. Every election TEA spends tens of thousands of dollars on political causes and candidates using money from teachers’ dues – which are withdrawn directly from teachers’ paychecks. SB 401 would make it that TEA’s political activity would have to be a voluntary contribution from teachers and not automatic deductions from their paycheck.

TEA Demands Annual Salary Increases – In TEA’s 2011 legislative proposals brochure, it states a top priority is “Annual state funded salary increases be effective at the beginning of each school year.” While everyone wants fair compensation for teachers, what happens during difficult years, like the last three, where families across the state are losing their jobs, their homes and their ability to pay higher taxes to afford the annual salary increases? It is irresponsible to force an unfunded state-mandate that will grow costs, and result in tax increases.

The effort will next move to the full Senate and the House. We will keep you posted on this important piece of legislation and let you know how you can help support this needed reform.

Please join us Thursday evening, March 3rd at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central by calling toll free 1-888-886-6603 and Extension 16284#

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