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Student loan buffoonery in New Jersey

December 05, 2013

The high cost of higher education is no secret. Tuition costs have continued to skyrocket leaving young people with a college degree, mountains of student loan debt, and few job prospects. Taxpayers are feeling the hit too – the Congressional Budget Office estimates that with fair value accounting, the student loan program will cost about $95 billion over the next ten years. However, these problems are not only occurring from traditional universities, but also at vocational, skill-based institutions. Across the board, schools are milking billions from federal taxpayers. At a chain of cosmetology schools in New Jersey, a one-year certification has come to cost as much or more as a year of tuition at a traditional four-year college.

Tip of the Cronyism Iceberg

December 05, 2013

Cronyism exists throughout government. It harms healthy free-market competition and harms hardworking families. Federal government officials frequently dole out your tax dollars to well-connected friends and political allies in the form of grants, loans, subsidies, and more.

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