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July 31, 2011 J

Our Milton Friedman Celebratory Breakfast was a big success. The room was packed. Our two speakers, State Senator Lee Bright and SC GOP Chairman, Chad Connelly, ardent supporters of School Choice, gave educational and entertaining presentations. They both stated that it was encouraging to see so many people attend an event on a Saturday morning to learn about educational opportunity for all children.

Many people are against School Choice, because they do not understand what it entails. SCHOOL CHOICE HAS BEEN PROVEN TO SAVE TAXPAYERS MONEY AND INCREASE STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT IN OTHER STATES. South Carolinians should be irate over our state rating last, or near last, in national test scores. Nearly 50% of the children who start their education in SC will drop out before graduating high school. Corporations decide not to come to SC, because our state cannot provide enough educated employees.

As Milton Friedman stated, “Education spending will be most effective if it relies on parental choice and private initiative – the building blocks of success throughout our society.”

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