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AFP-SC Participated In A Press Conference At The State House Regarding The Budget

May 29, 2011 J

On May 24th, Debbie Spaugh with AFP-SC spoke during a press conference in the State House. The subject was the State Budget for 2011-2012. Obviously many of our state Legislators did not get the message from the voters in 2010 to STOP THE WASTEFUL SPENDING! Last year’s state budget of $21.1 billion was the largest in SC history. At that time, SC state and local government was spending $.26 of every dollar earned by South Carolinians. This was the 5th highest amount in the nation.

The SC Legislature is preparing to pass a budget that is even higher than last year’s. The 2011-2012 budget is $1.37 billion more than last year’s total budget. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of April 2011, SC’s unemployment rate was 9.8%, which is the 9th highest unemployment rate in the country. SC Government is more than $40 billion in debt. Keeping these statistics in mind, the following are just a few examples of spending our Legislators deem worthwhile: tax rebates to recruit Hollywood filmmakers, over $1 million for regional “tourism promotion”, and agencies may continue to use taxpayer dollars to fund lobbyists.

Some Senators are introducing amendments to try to reduce the spending in the Appropriations Bill. Ultimately, South Carolinians are counting on Governor Haley to veto the wasteful spending in the Bill. For those Legislators planning to override the Governor’s vetoes, remember November 2012 will soon be here.

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