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Make South Carolina Government More Transparent

February 22, 2012 J

South Carolina Senators on both sides of the aisle – Republicans and Democrats alike – voted 44-0 this week for H.3066, a piece of legislation that denies a transparent and responsive state government to the citizens of South Carolina.

There is still time to stop H.3066 before it goes into effect. The House of Representatives will review this legislation next, so contact your representative today and urge them to take action.

Read H.3066 by clicking here.

“Despite all the claims of victory from elected officials – very little has changed,” the South Carolina Policy Council reported on February 17. “Ultimately, lawmakers chose not to restore power to the citizens of South Carolina, but to diffuse accountability, shuffle a few agencies around, and preserve – or expand – their power.”

The South Carolina Policy Council has analyzed H.3066, pointing out the ways in which the legislation stands in opposition to real reform and the separation of powers.

Lawmakers created a new hybrid board to split responsibility for state debt, distancing themselves from accountability. The legislation also increased the power of the Senate through “investigative committees,” which have the authority to question and depose state employees and private citizens should the legislators deem them to have important information, making themselves the only oversight over a government they already largely control. Lawmakers ignored pleas to set up regular and public audits by the Legislative Audit Council on a schedule that is independently determined. Click here for more analysis on H.3066.

This bill is heading to the South Carolina House of Representatives next, and there is still time to stop it from going into effect. Contact your representative today and urge them to take a stand for South Carolina’s future and our prosperity.

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