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February 08, 2011 J


WHAT: Hearing on S.8 and S.288, resolutions calling for Constitutional Amendments to require roll call voting

WHERE: Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, Gressette Building,Room 105

WHEN: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 11:00 a.m.

BREAKING NEWS! H.3004 has been referred to this Subcommittee, and is scheduled to be on the agenda tomorrow.

“The Spending Accountability Act of 2011″, H.3004, amends state law to require roll-call votes in the House and Senate for each section of the General Appropriations Bill, and for every bill or resolution having the force of law. This bill passed unanimously in the House on January 14, 2011. If this bill is passed in the Senate, the Governor will sign it into law this year. If only S.8 and S.288 are passed in the Senate, the people of South Carolina will have to wait until 2013 to know how their Legislators vote.

Plan to attend this hearing tomorrow. Also, if your are a constituent of one of these five Senators, call them and urge them to pass H.3004 out of committee tomorrow:
Chairman: Senator Larry Martin 803-212-6340
Senator Brad Hutto 803-212-6140
Senator Gerald Malloy 803-212-6148
Senator Chip Campsen 803-212-6016
Senator Paul Campbell 803-212-6016

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