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AFP-SC's "The Cartel" Viewing Party

January 31, 2011 J

As a parent, do you think you should be able to choose the best school for your child? Do you think your child should be forced to attend an underperforming school based on your address?

AFP-SC hosted a very informative viewing of “The Cartel” on January 29th. “The Cartel exposes the corruption, waste, and intimidation” in America’s public schools. After the film, we were honored to hear from two experts in the area of School Reform/School Choice: Bruno Behrend, Director of the Center for School Reform at The Heartland Institute and Bruce Gardner with Tea for Education.

In case some people continue to believe throwing more money at public education is the answer,these are some depressing facts: In South Carolina, K-12 spending has increased by almost 20% since the beginning of the recession in 2007, yet South Carolina’s high school graduation rate ranks 48th in the nation. In 2010, South Carolina students scored 62 points below the national average on the SAT Exam. Only one state (Maine) ranked lower than SC. In South Carolina only 44 cents of every taxpayer-funded public education dollar actually gets to the classroom. The majority of the money spent on public education in South Carolina goes to Administrative costs.

All South Carolinians should demand School Reform (more school choices) for parents and children.

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